Wednesday, December 5, 2012

IF | Stretch

Had a bit of time to do this today since I'd been waiting to be able to get back to painting. Can't expose yourself to the toxic fumes of turp when the windows are covered in plastic! I should be able to start again tomorrow and work furiously to finish "the project". I've also made it a point to do a sketch a day this month - but I'll probably only post some good ones on the weekends. :) It's been great so far to warm up this way before painting, and I can't believe how rusty I've gotten with getting ideas! Anywho, this little beauty is my poor little gerber daisy plant that I've had to bring indoors since they're painting our building. It has been stretching itself towards what little light we have from the window, but it does seem to like the indoors a bit better than being on the patio. :)

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